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Clinical Research Network

          SAHF Clinical Research Network File

• The SAHF Clinical Research Network File intends for all high quality research that involves South Asians in the UK to be included in the File, as an attempt to identify where gaps in research exist and to identify onoing studies to encourage recruitment and retention.

• The main roles of the SAHF Clinical Research Network File are to facilitate high quality research by encouraging collaboration and discouraging plagiarism, and by facilitating recruitment and retention of subjects in high quality

• A research study for the purposes of this File is defined as a project  intended to provide new knowledge on or establish an intervention which is concerning the South Asian populations.

     Eligibility for inclusion and SAHF Endorsement

• All studies must have full ethical approval and research funding to be included in the file or advertised at community  level for recruitment of subjects.

• We will consider studies in the process of application for funding if they are of high quality as decided by SAHF internal peer review and possess potential for national collaboration. 


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