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What We Do

Health Promotion Campaigns -

Talking directly to our communities

One of the best ways to get important messages across is to talk to communities directly. We host regular meetings in community centres nationwide. They educate our communities about common diseases, and are attended by healthcare professionals to answer any questions you may have

We are developing a national infrastructure to enable ALL South Asian communities to benefit equally and effectively

Healthcare Research in South Asians

Just being of South Asian origin makes you more likely to suffer from common diseases such as HEART DISEASE, STROKE AND DIABETES. We wish to foster continuing research to find out why, and perhaps avoid thousands of deaths in our communities. We also aim to highlight advances in research in the conditions that affect many South Asians and use this to influence medical care

Future Projects

The Foundation hopes to help extend research into ethnic health to include populations on the South Asian subcontinent. They are now beginning to suffer from diseases once thought to be absent from the developing world

We also rely on individuals and communities to make us aware of any causes that may benefit from our support. If you are aware of such an area, please contact us

What does the charity need to do to be highly effective?

Disseminate information

SAHF needs to disseminate information and raise awareness of issues pertinent to South Asians at a grass roots level. The charity has identified a programme of education and now needs to assess the availability and effectiveness of the materials used for health promotion

Act as a Pressure group

Research into the health and services available to South Asians is poor. The SAHF aims to become a pressure group to influence appropriate people and bodies. The Foundation aims to be in a position to provide authoritative comment to influence healthcare initiatives

SAHF works closely with the following organisations:

National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE)

Department of Health

British Heart Foundation

National Heart Forum

British Cardiac Society

Diabetes UK

National Electronic Library for Health

West Midlands Ethnic Liaison Committee (WELCOME)

We will apply pressure to health committees and the Government to investigate the health problems of South Asians. We must also ensure appropriate representation and advice is given for major ventures such as research studies on South Asian communities

Promote scholarship and research

The SAHF aims to continue to host high quality seminars and meetings. The SAHF aims to regularly publish vital and informative literature for academics, healthcare staff and the public, to keep the important issues in our communities in the public arena


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