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General resources

SOUTH ASIAN HEALTH issues - credible & reliable source

Active Travel with Sustrans
American Physicians of Indian Origin
Apna Health - Healthy Living for South Asian
British Association of Physicians of Indian Origin (BAPIO)             
Electronic Quality Information for Patients in different languages (NHS- UK)
Health needs of Minority Ethnic Groups Document
Information in Languages other than English and for Ethnic Groups
National Electronic Library for Health (NELH)
South Asian Health Issues
South Asian Health Preventionists Association
South Asian Health Research Institute(SAHRI)
Race Equality Foundation: Better Health
Race for Health
Religious Beliefs and Transplantation
Caring for Muslim Patients
Changing disease patterns in South Asians in the UK
CHIEF- Community Health Involvement & Empowerment Forum - community interest company
New ethnicity and health research strategy for Scotland- available here

NHS Choices - Your health, your choices
NHS Blood and Transplant (NHSBT)   
Men's Health Forum

BMI - Body Mass Index

How to calculate your BMI
Asian obesity level "should be lower"   
Childhood obesity thresholds and ethnicity


National Cancer Action Team



10 tips for healthier eating:



High blood pressure

A guide to controlling blood pressure in South Asian people


Cholesterol is the biggest risk factor for heart disease and also increases your risk of stroke and circulatory disease. Here is some information on it:


Physical activity

How to get fit

South Asian children 'less active' than peers

South Asians, physical exercise and heart disease – article in Heart medical journal


Information on diabetes

Diabetes UK and South Asian Health Foundation recommendations on diabetes research priorities for British South Asians (Jun 2009)

Mental Health

Information on dementia in Urdu, Punjabi, Bengali, Tamil and Gujarati:


Stress is a strong risk factor for heart disease

Here is some information:


Too much salt causes high blood pressure and then strokes and heart attacks. Here is some advice for people of South Asian descent:


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