Nina Chauhan-Lall

Programme Development & Commissioning Manager – Health Checks & Adult Healthy Weight

Nina Chauhan-Lall is a Trustee and currently works in Public Health leading the implementation of the national Health Check Programme and Adult Healthy Weight agenda in Walsall. 

She has a scientific research background in Cell and Molecular Biology, Immunology and Oncology. 

Her career path has developed in a unique way on both sides of the Atlantic undertaking scientific research, clinical trial work and project management opportunities at Harvard School of Public Health, The New England Journal of Medicine, Yorkshire Cancer Research Network, Macmillan Cancer Support, Pan-Birmingham Cancer Network and The Greater Midlands Cancer Network. 

Nina has a keen interest in promoting healthy lifestyle, primary prevention and general health education and awareness within the South Asian community. She has organised a number of events and delivered education sessions around healthy lifestyle, cancer awareness and cardiovascular risk in various community settings. 

Nina also has a personal interest in yoga, spiritual healing and alternative/holistic medicine.