Child Health Working Group

About this Working Group

"Healthier child makes for a healthier adult, but children are not small adults"

The children’s working group of the South Asian Health Foundation is a recent addition to the portfolio of working groups. It developed from a recognition that raising awareness of issues related to child health and improving outcomes for children are essential if we wish to effect the health and wellbeing of our adult population in years to come. Child Health in general often receives the ‘Cinderella’ badge receiving less funding for research and service developments. When funding is available children may not be included in research which limits our ability to develop new medicines or innovations for them. In addition their voice is often not heard at the policy level where research turns into action.

Children in the majority population are at a disadvantage in relation to the adult population but those from the South Asian background (and other ethnic minorities) are considered hard to reach or more accurately ‘hard to hear’ and inequalities in health remain.

It is our aim to give a voice to these families and their children through our working group. By engaging with policy leaders such as NICE and the Department of Health we hope to ensure that the needs of these children are considered and represented nationally. Our working group members are from a wide range of backgrounds and can provide advice and expertise on a range of health and social care issues or identify individuals from their extended contacts. They have expertise in health policy, research and in engaging with diverse communities. Integral to the future of the group is collaboration with the families and children themselves.

Child Health and wellbeing cannot be tackled as a totality. By engaging with a wider audience we aim to prioritise our work. Following this prioritisation exercise we will produce a report so that ourselves and other colleagues can focus energy and resources on key topics that are relevant to the Health and well-being of South Asian children in the UK. To build on this we wish to link with the other working groups, raise funds to pursue our work, to enable development of education and awareness raising campaigns and to continue to be advocates for these often unheard voices.

Working Group Members
​Professor Monica Lakhanpaul (Working Group Chair)
Dr Swati Zaveri
Professor Neena Modi
Professor Caroline Fall
Dr V.A. Ramanan
Professor Lorraine Culley
Dr Jeewan Rawal
Dr Peter Corry
Dr Logan Manikam