Why I now Carry a Donor Card – by Jaya Patel

I first became an organ donor 6 months ago, when applying for my provisional driving licence. It had been something I had considered for a while, but didn’t feel informed enough to make the decision, as well as not being sure about whether I was actually old enough to make this decision, I wasn’t sure how my parents and wider family would respond, due to cultural and religious reasons. 

I personally believe that being an organ donor is hugely important as this decision, whilst not affecting my life, could change the lives of many more people. I believe that this is a huge privilege, as ultimately, by the time I have reached the stage where organ donation should be considered, nothing more can be done for me, but I could change and save so many more lives. 

There is lots of stigma around the issue of organ donation particularly in Black, Asian, and minority ethnic backgrounds, which is founded upon cultural and religious traditions. This is one of the main reasons why there is a lack of BAME organ donation. I believe that many people of this demographic would consider organ donation, particularly those making up the younger demographic, as within this group, although there is huge stigma around organ donation,  I believe that with discussion as well as better education and communication, many more people of BAME backgrounds would consider becoming organ donors. 

In conclusion, I personally became an organ donor because of all the lives I could change or save, and something good could come out of what may be an upsetting event. It would also provide a source of comfort for my family, in what would be a distressing time. 

Rajvinder Gill