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Welcome to the South Asian Health Foundation web site. The aims of this site are encapsulated within our mission statement:

1. To promote improvements in the quality of, and access to, healthcare and health promotion in South Asians.

2. To promote research that leads to the above objectives

SACHE Diabetes Awareness Event (June 2014)

Summary Report by Amal Lad

Another of the Community Health Education programmes for 2014 around diabetes came to Walsall, West Midlands on the 6th June.  The Diabetes Awareness Event was held at Shree Ram Mandir, Pleck and was attended by approximately 65 predominantly Gujarati speaking members of the community.  Attendees comprised a mix of male and female ranging from 40 – 85 years of age. 

As a fluent Gujarati speaker, Dr Kiran Patel was able to speak in depth about the basics of diabetes, lifestyle measures and an introduction into the treatment of diabetes. The “Meethi Baatein” film was also shown and thoroughly enjoyed by all.  Along with healthy snacks and refreshments, we were also able to capture patient experiences through short video interviews. 

Feedback from the event was largely positive and key issues raised from the Q&A session were as follows:

1. How important is it to get a foot examination on a regular basis and one should urge the GP to examine the feet.

2. Issues with compliance of medication, concerns about side-effects and use with other medications such as statins. 

3. There were a number of questions related to diet and what is regarded as healthy for diabetes. In particular, a few women had questions about cooking rice and using ghee. Importantly, which fruits are safe for consumption by diabetics?

4. With the popularity of yoga and herbal medications, a number of questions were centred on these themes.  In particular, sharing ideas of healthy lifestyle ideas such as staying hydrated with water and doing regular exercise was refreshing to see coming from the audience. 

5. More and more members of the South Asian community are admitting to having a problem with diabetes and taking ownership of their condition.  This is an encouraging movement with a shift in a positive direction.

6. An important topic discussed was how to fast safely with diabetes. Dr Patel reinforced the importance of adhering to medication and avoiding fasting for long periods of time. 



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