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Below are a selection of our recent publications for both the public and healthcare professionals:


Fasting with Diabetes during Ramadan

This leaflet provides some tips on preparing for Ramadan for those with Type 2 Diabetes. Those who are unsure about fasting should always seek advice from your healthcare professional.


Tips to prevent type 2 diabetes in South Asians


South Asian people are up to 4 times more likely to get diabetes. Diabetes can cause early death and problems such as kidney failure, heart attacks, stroke and blindness. It can be prevented in 80% of people.


Diabetes UK and South Asian Health Foundation recommendations on diabetes research priorities for British South Asians

Diabetes UK and SAHF have worked together on this review, whose principal purpose is to highlight the gaps in our understanding of diabetes in the UK-based South Asian population as well as to identify recommendations and priorities for future research areas. It is the intention that this review should be used by funding agencies that support research and also as a point of reference and information for the research community.


Type 2 diabetes in the UK South Asian population: An update from the South Asian Health Foundation

This document, which is intended for all healthcare professionals with an interest in diabetes, aims to provide a brief overview of what is known about type 2 diabetes in this important sub-population of the UK and, where appropriate, to recommend how treatment decisions might be optimised.


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